Sunday, May 31, 2009

HELP me understand this GAY STUFF!!!

As a practicing MORMON...believing...faithful...(well mostly) SOMETIMES I struggle. The very foundation of our country is based on this spiritual declaration that ..ALL MEN ARE CREATED EQUAL.. GOD IS NO RESPECTER OF PERSONS (favoring one over another)..then where in the BLAZES do we think that gays should not have the right to marry. If I have that right then what makes me think that a gay should not have that same right honor privelage to have an honorable loving relationship that bring forth this thing we think is important..THE FAMILY..? I don't get it. Here we have young men committing suicide over this because we don't have a place for them at the table of the church. We would rather that they left the church and engaged in promiscuous conduct that to give them the sanction of marriage. Oh yeah that would mean it wasn't a sin anymore. SOMEONE help me understand it. I know that Brigham Young led us astray for decades until Spencer W. Kimaball had the faith to take it to the Lord. It was said that we had to be prepared first before it happened. I don't believe that. It was a mistake from day one and it took way too long to be corrected. I see the same thing all over again. Someone take this to the lord before we lose more precious faithful loving souls.

Friday, February 20, 2009


The thing that I don't quite understand in all of this is how can bible loving, commandment living, God fearing, charitable saints allow their fears and paranoia to commit to such extreme measures. All the collective circumstances were railing against them. Blood atonement, rumors, gossip. revenge, survival, poverty, Indians..... all this had taken its toll...but without much resistance these brethren followed blindly. Surely the love and charitable mercies of their hearts would have prevailed even under extreme circumstances. Although I admire them to some extent... bloodshed is what I don't get. I do understand that many of these saints had first hand witness the Missouri and Nauvoo violence and perhaps lends to some understanding. I also understand when an animal is cornered and the carnal defenses. I just feel bad that dedicated long suffering Saints were caught up and ultimately paid the heavy price for being faithful to their cause. Lee, Higbee, Dame, Klingensmith and Haight and the many others gave so much to the Church and therefore lost so much in the aftermath.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

WHERE have all the heros gone?

I'm a babyboomer...having lived in America's golden age. I lived and died with the Yankees. I played Little League. Had a wicked curve and could run down a fly ball in the tradition of Willie Mays. Yes I know those heros were less than we made them but it was great stuff. I played baseball in the streets, in a rodeo arena and had a full game pitching off my front porch. Each step represented a certain pitch or hit. Entire games were played. I wore out many a broom sticks batting rocks...yes a few windows. In my real time I threw an All-Star 1 hitter and won another game with a 2 run homer. We were so poor but we didn't know any better. Those were the times.